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New here? Do you want to know the secret to living in Balance? What fears open your eyes at 3am? Are you struggling to meet all your daily obligations? Are you denying yourself the experiences of joy and play? Do you yearn to know why you're here and where you're going?

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The Wisdom Keepers

Jim Great Elk and Kelly Talking Heron bring nearly a century of life experience, and descendancy from many First Peoples worldwide. The stories they tell and the lessons they bring touch the hearts of audiences everywhere. Together, they represent the Balanced Life concept they teach others.

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Expose and refine the who that you are. Carve away the unimportant and reveal your powerful self.

Reflections of WeWán…

In a Crisis, It’s All About Tribe

We are Hunkered Down Boozhoo Hello from the sequestered lodge of the WeWan Wisdom Keepers, Kelly Talking Heron and Jim Great Elk. Like much of the world today we are hunkered down in our lodge to help prevent the spread of this damnable Novel Coronavirus 19, COVID 19. Like you, we are doing our part. […]


WeCast: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Yet another calendar has turned the page into a bright and shiny new year. We are almost two decades into this new century and still every household holds to their own traditions to ring in the New Year. One of the most practiced annual habits it that of making resolutions. Do you […]


WeCast: Merry Christmas!

**SPOILER ALERT**  [This podcast is a bit longer than our others. Jim shares a very touching story with you around time marker 15:30… keep listening, you won’t want to miss it!] Merry Christmas to all our Christian friends and family who are celebrating this day! It is full of traditions, and culinary culture, and fond […]


Winter Solstice, the Longest Night

Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year. It marks the return of the sun and has longbeen held as both a time for celebration anda time of reckoning. In the time of our First Parents, around the First Fires of all the People around the world, the Elders tracked the movement of our […]